The Avalonians


Patrick Benham
Black & White Photographs
316 pages
215 x 140mm
ISBN 0 906362 68 7

This book tells the story of the events and unique people living in and visiting Glastonbury in the early 20th Century – early characters of the British ‘new age’ movement and precursors of all that has happened in the town since the 1960s.

Alice Buckton, Wellesley Tudor Pole, Rutland Boughton, Dion Fortune, Frederick Bligh Bond, Fiona Macleod and others, between them, unfold a saga of mystery, creativity and questing.

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The Avalonians

Patrick Benham

This is a unique document of social and historical significance, full of controversy and bizarre happenings.

When The Avalonians was first published in 1993, it placed before the world previously unknown or unexplored aspects of the Glastonbury story and its personalities. This book is a history of what happened in Glastonbury in the early 20th Century, and the mystics and thinkers who lived and visited here in the pursuit of their quests.

The Avalonians is not only a splendid piece of research, it is also one of those books that tells an irresistible and, for the most part, totally unrecorded story. It will become a kind of bible to everyone who is fascinated with Glastonbury.” Colin Wilson, Literary Review

The Avalonians by questing seer and musician, Patrick Benham, chronicles the mystical goings-on that began at Glastonbury 100 years ago and had at its pschological centre the strange case of William Sharp, who doubled as the Celtic Siren, Fiona Macleod.” Murray Grigor, The Scotsman

“Patrick Benham meticulously researches his fascinating tale of the birth of the centre f free-thinking, and presents it in an immensely readable style.” The Sunday Independent

“This is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in years. Patrick Benham has pieced together what amounts to a ripping psychic yarn and Gothic Image have done him proud. It is a splendid publication.” Gordon Strachan, RILKO Journal¬†

“There are almost as many characters as there are in a Tolstoy novel, and the author handles them with a novelist’s skill. Excellently written and admirably free from any trace of New Age fuzziness, this is in all respects a splendid book.” Guy Lyon Playfair, Light

Nominated, Time-Life Silver Pen Award for British Non-Fiction

At a key period in Glastonbury’s history, Patrick Benham had close personal contacts with people who provided much important archival material for this story. He was a teacher, musician and composer of guitar music and lived not far from Glastonbury. Sadly he passed away in 2019.

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