Labyrinths : Ancient Myths & Modern Uses


Sig Lonegren
Fully illustrated in Black & White
172 pages
200 x 200mm
ISBN 978 0 906362 69 3

This workbook, now in its third edition; looks at the ancient and mythic past of this universal symbol and uncovers its practical uses today. Labyrinths span the ages, from before the ancient Greeks to the present-day Native Americans; from the ancient chambered cairn of Newgrange in Ireland to those found in Gothic cathedrals. Guided exercises, including creating your own labyrinth, take you on a journey into the heart of this magical tool for inspiration.

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Ancient myths and Modern uses

For thousands of years in many different cultures, the enigmatic shape of the labyrinth has reappeared to tantalize archaeologists and historians: what were these magical mazes used for and why?

Guiding the reader through the myths, stories, symbolism and sacred geometry associated with this ancient symbol, the author takes us to the heart of the labyrinth:

How to create personal labyrinths as tools for personal growth
Detailed instructions on creating labyrinths both outside and indoors
Guidelines on how to dance the labyrinth
Listen to the music of the labyrinth
Using the signs of the zodiac with the labyrinth

“A pioneering book written by a knowledgeable and visionary man. Sig Lonegren responded to the deep intuitive nature of labyrinths long before The Labyrinth Movement was established. Clear, concise, fascinating; this book is a primer to learning about the Classical labyrinths and other labyrinths as well.”
Lauren Artress, author of Walking a Sacred Path, and The Sacred Path Companion

“…the first book I recommend to everyone who inquires about labyrinths, a must-read for the beginner and an essential part of every enthusiast’s library. Sig’s continual study and research has added significantly to the world’s knowledge of labyrinths. Jean Lutz, The Labyrinth Letter

“From history to mythology to the labyrinth’s energetic properties and its associations with the heavens, this book encourages readers to soar with the possibilities that this symbol offers the modern world.” Kimberly Saward,
The Labyrinth Society

Sig Lonegren is an internationally known writer, speaker, and consultant on dowsing, labyrinths and sacred energy sites. He is the author of The Pendulum Kit (translated into 15 languages), The Dowsing Rod Kit (over 6 languages) and Spiritual Dowsing, reprinted many times. Glastonbury was his home for many years but he now lives in the Netherlands.

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