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    Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon, is known worldwide as a holy shrine, ancient sanctuary and sacred centre overflowing with history, myths and legends. For the visitor, armchair traveller or the reader who simply wonders what attracts so many thousands to this ancient sacred place, this guidebook provides an inspiring introduction.

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    All Glastonbury's mysteries are rooted in one great mystery: how does this small place play such a leading part in Britain's spiritual history? Glastonbury's traditions are seen in a new light, as an ancient magical rite invoking paradise on earth.

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    This new edition tells the story of the events and unique people living in and visiting Glastonbury in the early 20th Century - early characters of the British 'new age' movement and precursors of all that has happened in the town since the 1960's.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items