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    For thousands of years in many different cultures, the enigmatic shape of the labyrinth has re-appeared to tantalize archaeologists and historians: what were these magical mazes used for and why? Guiding the reader through the myths, stories, symbolism and sacred geometry associated with this ancient symbol, the author takes us to the heart of the...

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    A constant theme in Biblical prophecy is that one day the long-lost Temple at Jerusalem, founded by King Solomon in the 10th century BC, will be seen once more, greater and more splendid than before.

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    A Dynamic new translation of King Arthur's First Quest. Clear Revelation of a pivotal British Mystery. Profound Arthurian Art.

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    This complete manual for the Twenty-First Century Bard contains all you need to know to start you on the path of the bard. With experienced bard Kevan Manwaring as your reliable guide, you will find inspiration, enchant an audience with your words, learn the skills of storytelling and how to use magical words to bless, honour, heal and celebrate.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items