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Stone Fires - Liquid Clouds

Stone Fires - Liquid Clouds celebrates Hyatt's art and insight. Included are over one hundred paintings and drawings, poems and inspired writings, extracts from articles and totally new material. A fascinating account of the modern artist as shaman, unafraid to see into the future by studying the past.

Stone Fires - Liquid Clouds - The Shamanic Art of Derek Hyatt by Derek Hyatt and Peter Woodcock

Published in Arts & Myth

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Gothic Image Tours is a small company which has been specialising in tours to ancient and sacred sites since 1980. These tours offer a unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and powerful places in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Each place has a tale to tell and these are related to us at the very place of their origin by authors and researchers who are experts in the fields of history, myth and legend, folklore and earth mysteries. Gothic Image Tours are organised from a flourishing bookshop and publishing enterprise based in Glastonbury.