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  • Gothic Image Publications. 7, High Street, Glastonbury.

We are a small independent publisher of original and quality books which question and seek to redefine our links with nature, the landscape and ancient civilisations.

In this world of corporate power and consumerism we are in danger of losing the deeper human values which are the essence of our true selves. As specialist publishers, we publish books which show the way to reconnect with these values by redefining our fundamental links with nature and listening to the voices of our past.

The ancient sacred sites all around our landscape have stories to tell and mysteries to reveal. The wheel of the Celtic year with its cycles of celebration and ritual teach us the meaning of the changing seasons. Our mythology and cultural heritage with its archetypes and symbols in art, literature and film, operate on a deeper level than we generally notice and make us who we are today. The sun and moon affect us in ways that ancient civilisations knew about and we are rediscovering.

Our books are outstanding in this field.
Our authors are original and their insights are unique.
As publishers we push boundaries and pioneer new research long before it is recognised by the mainstream.

We are not big. We cannot publish vast numbers of titles. Yet we are determined to show that, in an age of dinosaurs, small, lively and intelligent mammals can survive and flourish.

Frances Howard-Gordon
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